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The zoot suit, which was the fashion statement for men during the boogie-woogie time of the early 1940's, was the garment of choice by big-band musicians such as Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, Woody Herman, and numerous other entertainers.  But little did famed Chicago clothier and big-band trumpeter, Harold C. Fox, know that the creation of his padded shoulder, broad lapel and billowing jacket worn over high-waisted cuffed pants, would have such an effect some 50 years later on two young magicians in Los Angeles.

The Gamesters, known off-stage as Douglas Leferovich and Seth Yudof, are a magic team with a penchant for zoot suits and comical magic, wowing audiences all over the world with their unique style.  Comic strip characters that literally come to life, this cartoonish duo of Leferovich and Yudof have not only helped revive the popular look and feel of the zoot suit era, but have successfully incorporated it into an impeccably choreographed show; an exquisite showcase for their magical and comedic talents.

Inspired by classic Broadway shows such as Guy and Dolls and legendary artists like Cab Calloway, the crafty duo set out to create a unique vaudeville routine featuring "Lefty" (Leferovich) and "Sly" (Yudof), classic straight guy/funny guy characters.  The Gamesters take their viewers to 42nd St. and Broadway, the heart of Times Square, where a mad-cap adventure unfolds blending slapstick comedy and mind-blowing magic, a flashback to vaudevillian days.

Says Yudof, "We combined our interests in theater and magic hoping it would produce something a bit more entertaining than what was the norm."  And it did.  Not only are fans in awe of The Gamesters' highly creative and choreographed show, but Leferovich and Yudof have also captured the attention of their peers.  In 1996, The Society Of American Magicians created a special category and bestowed The Gamesters with the first-ever Originality Award.

The Gamesters' success has been no accident;  it is the result of years of preparation and a carefully calculated plan.  Adds Leferovich, "The music, dance, colorful costumes and oversized props are all part of our distinct style.  We set out to put together more than an act;  we have created a concept that is marketable and entertaining... from the Saturday morning cartoon audience to the sophisticated casino showroom patron."

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